Energy Logserver contains a module for creating reports that can be run cyclically and contain only interesting data, e.g. a weekly sales report.

To go to the reports windows, select to tiles icon from the main menu bar, and then go to the „Reports” icon (To go back, go to the „Search” icon).


CSV Report

To export data to CSV Report click the Reports icon, you immediately go to the first tab - Export Task Management.


In this tab we have the opportunity to specify the source from which we want to do export. It can be an index pattern. After selecting it, we confirm the selection with the Submit button and a report is created at the moment. The symbol ../_images/image40.pngcan refresh the list of reports and see what its status is.


We can also create a report by pointing to a specific index from the drop-down list of indexes.


We can also check which fields are to be included in the report. The selection is confirmed by the Submit button.


When the process of generating the report (Status:Completed) is finished, we can download it (Download button) or delete (Delete button). The downloaded report in the form of *.csv file can be opened in the browser or saved to the disk.


In this tab, the downloaded data has a format that we can import into other systems for further analysis.

PDF Report

In the Export Dashboard tab we have the possibility to create graphic reports in PDF files. To create such a report, just from the drop-down list of previously created and saved Dashboards, indicate the one we are interested in, and then confirm the selection with the Submit button. A newly created export with the Processing status will appear on the list under Dashboard Name. When the processing is completed, the Status changes to Complete and it will be possible to download the report.


By clicking the Download button, the report is downloaded to the disk or we can open it in the PDF file browser. There is also to option of deleting the report with the Delete button.


Below is an example report from the Dashboard template generated and downloaded as a PDF file.


Scheduler Report (Schedule Export Dashboard)

In the Report selection, we have the option of setting the Scheduler which from Dashboard template can generate a report at time intervals. To do this goes to the Schedule Export Dashboard tab.


In this tab mark the saved Dashboard.


In the Email Topic field, enter the Message title, in the Email field enter the email address to which the report should be sent. From drop-down list choose at what frequency you want the report to be generated and sent. The action configured in this way is confirmed with the Submit button.


The defined action goes to the list and will generate a report to the e-mail address, with the cycle we set, until we cannot cancel it with the Cancel button.