Energy Logserver uses a monitoring module called Skimmer to monitor the performance of its hosts. Metrics and conditions of services are retrieved using the API.

The services that are supported are:

  • Elasticsearch;
  • Logstash;
  • Kibana;
  • Metricbeat;
  • Pacemaker;
  • Zabbix;
  • Zookeeper;
  • Kafka;
  • Httpbeat;
  • Elastalert;
  • Filebeat

and other.

Skimmer Installation

The RPM package skimmer-x86_64.rpm is delivered with the system installer in the “utils” directory:

	cd $install_direcorty/utils
	yum install skimmer-x86_64.rpm -y

Skimmer service configuration

The Skimmer configuration is located in the /usr/share/skimmer/skimmer.conf file.

# index name in elasticsearch
index_name = skimmer
index_daily = true
# type in elasticsearch index
index_type = _doc
# user and password to elasticsearch api
elasticsearch_auth = logserver:logserver
# available outputs
elasticsearch_address =
# logstash_address =
# retrieve from api
elasticsearch_api =
# logstash_api =
# path to log file
log_file = /tmp/skimmer.log
# daemonize
daemonize = true
# comma separated OS statistics selected from the list [zombie,vm,fs,swap,net,cpu]
os_stats = zombie,vm,fs,swap,net,cpu
# comma separated process names to print their pid
processes = /usr/sbin/sshd,/usr/sbin/rsyslogd
# comma separated systemd services to print their status
systemd_services = elasticsearch,logstash,kibana
# comma separated port numbers to print if address is in use
port_numbers = 9200,9300,9600,5601
# path to directory containing files needed to be csv validated
csv_path = /tmp/csv_dir

After the changes in the configuration file, restart the service.

systemctl restart skimmer

Skimmer GUI configuration

To view the collected data by the skimmer in the GUI, you need to add an index pattern.

Go to the “Management” -> “Index Patterns” tab and press the “Create Index Pattern” button. In the “Index Name” field, enter the formula skimmer- *, and select the “Next step” button. In the “Time Filter” field, select @timestamp and then press “Create index pattern

In the “Discovery” tab, select the skimmer- * index from the list of indexes. A list of collected documents with statistics and statuses will be displayed.